When you look out onto your lawn, there might be a mixture of different textures and colors. Ideally, the grass should have a uniform color in almost any neighborhood, including Leslieville and Birch Cliff. To maintain your lawn in top form, it’s critical to hire expert landscaping staff on a weekly basis. Take a cue from the professionals, and read over these professional tips that will help your lawn thrive through the seasons.

Adjusting the Sprinklers

The first step to any good landscaping practice is proper watering. From Birch Cliff to The Beaches, every community has sprinklers that dot their lawns. Professionals can adjust these sprinklers in order to direct the water across every grassy surface. Watering Leslieville or West Hill sidewalks isn’t the goal when the sprinklers activate. Because servicing Scarborough with landscaping expertise is our goal, our professionals will always evaluate the sprinklers as a lawn-care component.

Cutting One-Third at a Time

Servicing Scarborough, Birch Cliff, West Hill and Leslieville means that our professionals cut a lot of grass. However, we don’t scalp the lawn with every pass. Expert landscaping workers only trim about one-third of the grass’s height at a time. This cutting strategy encourages rapid growth while still preserving the photosynthesis process. Whether professionals are performing interlocking or sod laying processes at a West Hill or The Beaches home, grass-trimming rules are always followed.

Strategic Fertilizing and Aerating

The Beaches, Birch Cliff, Leslieville and West Hill homes will always require yearly fertilizing and aerating. The lawn needs the extra nutrients from specific fertilizers, even when servicing Scarborough and its well-kept grasses. Aeration is the process of pulling cylindrical soil sections from the lawn as a landscaping improvement. Birch Cliff, The Beaches, Leslieville and West Hill lawns might have a dotted appearance for a few weeks, but the pulled soil allows critical oxygen to reach those grass roots. Schedule aeration when you have other landscaping needs at the property, such as strategic tree planting or tree removal.

On the Lookout for Pests

Although servicing Scarborough, Leslieville, The Beaches and Birch Cliff on a regular basis rarely turns up any problems, pests can move in at any time. Excessive ant populations, grubs and other pests might burrow into the grass and cause spotty dieback. Allow professionals to evaluate the grass in order to devise an eradication plan. Professionals can remove the pests without damaging the lawn.

Keeping it Green

Expert landscapers servicing Scarborough and other areas might use other tactics to care for your lawn. Thatch removal, for example, is the process of weeding out the thick sections of lawn that might be hindering its growth. Your lawn may also need seeding or sodding at some point after winter. Expert care means that the grass will be green for most of the year.

Contact Sullivan Lawn and Snow Services today for all of your lawn service needs. Servicing Scarborough, West Hill, The Beaches and more, our team will be pleased to evaluate your residential or commercial lawn. Our goal is to keep the grass healthy for many years into the future.


Spring into Landscaping!

April 19, 2016

It’s that time to dig out, dig up and get ready for the glorious time of year when landscaping efforts come alive. Winter has come and gone, the buds are starting to bloom, but without using the right professional your yard might continue to have those long Toronto winter blues. Landscaping projects come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes it can be a daunting task on how to turn that ugly brown yard into a luscious green oasis. The dormant winter months can play havoc on our yards creating a nasty weed infested mess that we don’t want to tackle.

Most of us don’t know where to start when it comes to our landscaping needs. We try to prune a few bushes, buy a few plants, cut the grass and call it a day. We also don’t have that envious “green thumb” when it comes to plants and landscaping. Your home and yard are one of the biggest investments you will make, but often we ignore the obvious, we need help! Hiring the right team of professionals to give you a well-groomed yard, will certainly give you that lovely “curb appeal” and ultimately increases the long term value of your home.

By partnering with the pro’s, you can feel confident that the workmanship you receive will give you not only a beautiful yard, but the best value for your dollar. Today’s companies offer an incredible array of services for your home or business, from initial design work, to implementation to continuous maintenance. A full service provider can give you that piece of mind that your home will be well taken care of for years to come.

Sullivan’s is your hometown professional landscaping company with over 25 years of professional services in Scarborough, The Beaches, Leslieville, West Hill and the greater Toronto area. Sullivan’s is recognized as a leader in both the commercial and residential landscaping business. They have built a strong reputation by helping others. Whether you are in need of lawn service, tree removal, tree planting, gutter cleaning, or just maintaining your flower beds, their qualified staff has the right equipment and expertise to do the job right.

Preventive maintenance is a key to keeping your home or company landscaping looking great, and Sullivan’s will formulate a plan tailored for you so that your needs will be met no matter the season. Spring is the optimum time to clean off that winter grime from your home, driveways and sidewalks. Sullivan’s pressure washing team will help you bring out that fresh look before beginning those yard projects. If you’re not sure whether you should build that retaining border, lay mulch, add those brick pavers or patio, Sullivan’s has the experts and ideas for you.

Spring is always a time of renewal and new growth in our lives, where we begin to feel a richness of spirit by creating an environment of natural beauty. You can count of Sullivan’s to be your partner for all your need.


The time of year is coming around to begin enjoying the outdoors again. And that wonderful yard and what surrounds your home is probably in need of some TLC after a long winter. And the experts at Sullivan offer great advice for landscaping and property maintenance in the Greater Toronto Area.

For the Home

It requires a little work to make your paradise ready to enjoy the fruits of fair weather. There are many choices in outdoor decor depending on what you and your family enjoy. Some landscaping opportunities can enhance your appreciation of your property. It may be time for a refreshed designed that can be easier to care for.

Sullivan can support all lawn care and development service. Whether your grass could use some help growing or you need some help keeping it manicured, they can be trusted to provide the experience that keeps a lawn healthy.

You may be ready for stone tiles that do not need maintenance. You can create and area with firm, dry ground to set up a lawn room. A section of tile can offset other types of ground to make a safe area for grilling and eating. And walkways can be designed to connect parts of your yard.

For a nice and protective layer near plantings, mulch can be laid that can protect seedlings and roots in winter and contribute nutrients to the soil. Landscaping with mulch is inexpensive. And you can arrange for landscaping servicers to deliver and apply it.

Look for planting choices that thrive naturally in the Toronto climate. Sullivan can
recommend the best fit for your area and maintenance desires. Consider a new lawn plan with a more textured layout that allows for a dry and clean traffic area while accenting the garden aspects.

And landscape design is available for area surrounding kids play equipment. Those areas can be arranged to protect the lawn and also create a safer and softer play area.

Commercial Landscaping Services

Sullivan have a trained eye for combining the right materials to bring out the natural beauty of a property needing some design. They can design landscaping layouts to create property borders or beautify the ground around a fence. And when a patio area is needed, they can create an area with as much maintenance as you prefer. And you can allow them to maintain it.

You can receive consultation on the vegetation that occurs naturally in the climate zone of Scarborough. And you can benefit from the experience of a team that knows how to preserve the most stunning naturally occurring features of a property.

You can leave the work of all seasons to your landscapers. Set up a servicing schedule for lawn care, vegetation pruning, leave blowing, power washing, and even wood staining. These are the touches that make a property attractive and inviting. They leave the impression of a business that cares about the community.

Snow removal is available in Scarborough, The Beaches, Leslieville, West Hill, and Birch Cliff. Reliable and prompt service is available before snow can interfere with a business.


Landscaping can add beauty, warmth and value to a home and the best news about landscaping is that it doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming to make it happen. All it takes is a plan, some outside work and a desire for a great looking yard.
One landscaping tip that many like is planting evergreen shrubs. Evergreen shrubs are beautiful and their leaves and needles remain on them all year long. Placed near your home, such as in front of corners, they can soften the lines of a home and give it a more inviting appearance.

An attractive walkway can make going up and down your lawn, easy and make your backyard look beautiful. Use material that is the same or similar to what is on the exterior of your home such as stone or brick. This will connect the path to your home in a beautiful way. Another landscaping tip is to add an outdoor seating area. How about installing a patio near the edge of your lawn, away from your home? You could build it near trees or tall flowers. This will create a lovely, private area where you could read, take a nap or entertain family and friends.

Giving your backyard a rustic look is another landscaping tip. Garden centers often sell old-fashioned wagon wheels and split-rail wood fencing that give a rustic and old-time look. Add a few great looking rocks and pretty flowers and you’ve got a look that is old-fashioned and appealing. Another landscaping tip that many like and have been using for years is illuminating walkways and other areas in your yard. Many landscaping lights are affordable, make a home more attractive and provide safety to steps and sidewalks. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can instantly highlight your backyard!

Adding outdoor container plants can add interest and beauty to doorways and patios. Container plants, especially large tropical plants, look great and make the outside of a home look colorful and inviting! Touching up the mulch is another backyard tip. A fresh layer, applied to your garden beds, looks colorful, neat and clean. In addition, mulch is cheap and easy to apply. Areas like The Beaches, West Hill and Birch Cliff are examples of lovely landscaping. Check these areas out soon!

Power-washing outside dirty surfaces is an easy and affordable way to make the outside of your home look clean and refocuses the beauty of your home on your landscape. Power washers can be rented or purchased. They can clean paved surfaces, fences, brick and vinyl siding. Planting some instant color next to a garden patio or around a water fountain can add beauty and ambiance to your backyard and most importantly, it is affordable! With the many plants available, you are limited only by your imagination. In addition, no matter the season, it is always a good idea to do some pruning chores. Dead branches can take away the beauty of a home; however, by pruning these areas, your home will look neater, organized and lovely.

To conclude, creating a scenic backyard is important and can make a huge difference in the overall look of a home. Try one or more of the above tips and enjoy the great outdoors!


When it comes to modern landscape design Sullivan Lawn and Snow Services is proud to serve the greater Toronto area. We understand that having an exceptional looking lawn and outdoor area is important to you and provide top-tier landscaping services such as tree planting, sod laying, and tree removal for both residential and commercial areas. We make it easy to get the services you need at competitive prices and all of our lawn care technicians are courteous and respectful from start to finish. If you would like to know more about our services and pricing give us a call and speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives.

Taking Pride in Your Home’s Yard

Self-respect is an important value that is reflected in all that we do. This applies to the condition of our yards at home as well. A well kept lawn, trimmed bushes, and smart tree placement not only gives you a sense of pride but also shows everyone else in your neighborhood that you care; not just about your lawn, but about yourself and your image. You deserve to have a lawn that not only you can respect, but will lead others to respect you for.

Here at Sullivan we specialize in helping you get the lawn of your dreams that will “wow” your family, friends, and neighbors through advanced landscape design. Even if you don’t need a complete overhaul for your lawn we can assist with spring/fall cleanups, lawn maintenance, power washing, and winter maintenance as needed. We can also preform custom landscape design tasks as well so don’t hesitate to let us know if you need us to remove or plant trees, lay sod, or lay down interlocking walkways. We can also provide you with flagstone walkways as well lending a smart, sophisticated look to your driveway.

Landscape Design for Your Business

As a business professional you probably know that everything from the color and shape of your logo to the type of attire your employees wear has a direct and measurable influence on the amount of revenue your business produces. However, have you taken a moment to think about how your landscape design influences it? A well designed and well kept landscape can have a huge positive impact on your business due to the fact that it helps to improve your company’s image and the way you are perceived by your customers.

Think about it, a dirty, unkempt landscape tells people that the company just doesn’t care. And why should a company that doesn’t care about their image care about their customers? Let Sullivan help make sure you’re sending the right message; one that will show that you care and will help you increase your revenue though a positive company image. We’re always ready to lend a helping hand with your landscape design needs to ensure that your place of business looks its best and always instills a sense of trust and respect in each and every customer.

Remember, we server the greater Toronto area as well as Scarborough, The Beaches, Leslieville, West Hill, and Birch Cliff. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and speak to a friendly customer service representative. We’re always happy to help.


No matter how perfect a person’s home looks on the outside, it will be impossible for them to have a perfect looking home if they don’t have a perfect yard. When people drive past a person’s home or pulls into their driveway, the landscaping is something that is very hard to ignore. Most people want their yards to look good, and many of them even take some time to try and make them look good, but they are often unsuccessful because it takes a lot of landscaping work to make a yard look good. This is why many people make the smart decision, and decide to let Sullivan Lawn and Snow Services do their landscaping for them.

Correctly laying sod

If a person wants to move into a place that has a dirt yard, and wants to quickly get at great looking yard, the quickest way for them to get this is by sod lying. If a person decides that they want to lay sod, in order for this to be done properly, they have to know how exactly to prepare their yard for sod laying; they have to know which type of sod they should be using; and they have to make sure that they lay the sod down correctly. These three things are all things that most people are not familiar with, but Sullivan Services is an expert on this matter.

Tree removal

Sullivan Services is especially useful to people that decide they want to remove a tree from their yard. Removing a tree can be very dangerous, because if a person wants to cut one down, they have to know exactly which angle to cut it at on multiple sides in order to guarantee that it falls in the direction that they want it to fall in. In addition to having to cut the tree right, once this is done, they then have to remove the stump of the tree, and this is something that can be very difficult for a person if they don’t know how to take a tree up by its roots. If a person does not know what they are doing, it can take them days just to remove a little part of a tree stump from the ground. If a person let’s an expert do it for them, they can stay out of danger, and they can have the expert do some landscaping to fix the hole in the ground that is left once a tree is removed.

Tree Planting

If a person doesn’t have any trees, but wants to get some, the best thing for them to do is let an expert plant them for them, because there is a science to planting trees. If a person gets even a little thing wrong when it comes to tree planting, they can end up with a died tree. This is the reason why a lot of commercial businesses use Sullivan Services to get their trees planted. If a person lets an expert handle landscaping for them, they will know for a fact that their landscaping is being done correctly.


If you have a commercial business or a residential home, you will need professional tree removal services at some point. We can help you tackle this task effectively and efficiently because our removal specialists are highly trained. Locals contact our company for a number of reasons. However, there are ten reasons why most business owners and homeowners use our services regularly.


The main reason why many people in West Rouge contact our company is because we employ certified arborists. Our specialists understand how to maintain trees and care for them. We also help our clients plant their trees in key locations.

Before our workers can receive a certification, they must pass a test, which is issued by the International Society of Arboriculture.

Emergency Tree Removal Services

In emergency situations, you can contact our company for additional help. We help locals remove various trees and branches after a severe storm, such as a hurricane. Expert advice is very valuable following a dangerous weather event. Our technicians can pinpoint specific trees that can be repaired and trees that must be cut down.

Tree Planting

If you plan to build a home or a facility on an empty lot in West Hill, additional trees may be needed on the landscape. Our specialists understand which trees are ideal for certain weather conditions on a property. Depending on the project location, we will select trees that can handle heavy rainfall, intense sunlight, or certain soil requirements.

A Variety Of Soil Options

Besides the traditional services, our specialists can provide other services too. We understand how to aerate soil, brace trees, prune trees, and remove trees in the safest way possible.

Disease Diagnosis

Whenever a sick tree is noticed on the property, you must contact a professional arborist immediately. A skilled arborist can examine the problem and determine if a tree will spread on the property. After a thorough inspection, several procedures will be implemented to solve the issue.

Preventative Maintenance

Our employees can spot infections before they are extremely noticeable. As a result, if you hire one of our specialists regularly for check-ups, your trees can remain healthy throughout the year. Trees should never be pruned by someone who lacks the proper knowledge because incorrect trimming procedures will damage the tree. By hiring a professional, the trees will not be at risk; trained technicians always use specialized tools during advanced projects.

Professionals Comply With Regulations

In some cases, there may be local regulations for traditional tree removal on a property. Our professional arborists understand theses regulations. Our clients in East York appreciate this because improper removal procedures can lead to a hefty fine.


When we tackle tree removal projects in Beaches, we always offer insurance. Insurance is important because accidents can occur during the removal process.


Spring is coming and with it the mess that has been hiding in your yard under the snow all winter long. That last fall mowing you never got to. All of the kids toys forgotten outside pressing davits in your yard. Those leaves that the first snowfall covered. Every tree branch snapped off by a storm. They all will soon be coming to the light of day.

Now is the time to start thinking about what kind of landscaping you are going to want and need once the snow finally melts. At a minimum you will need a reseeding for your lawn. More than likely you will have to have some maintenance done. Trees will need to be trimmed, decks will need to be refinished and flower beds will have to be planted.

Scarborough’s Choice

Sullivan Landscaping will help your Scarborough, West Hill, East York or Beaches home or business look great for the summer. We can clear the debris away and prepare the lawn for a spring seeding. If you want a really lush lawn right from the start we can even re-sod your yard.

Moving up from the lawn, the next thing on your landscaping list is probably your flower beds. A small retaining wall around your flower beds will help keep the soil in place instead of scattered across your side walks and lawns. With a wide assortment of stone types to choose from you will be able to find the perfect look to suit your needs. Have us pair the retaining wall up with some designer paving stones and you will be the talk of the neighbourhood even before your flowers grow.

After the retaining wall and paving stones are in place our landscaping specialists will start on the flower beds themselves. We will be sure to prepare the beds with the very best worm castings and soil to ensure the health of your perennials and annuals. Our specialists will even help you choose the best plants and flowers to bring out the beauty of your yard.

Take a look at the hedges and shrubs around your property. They will need our attention too. An overgrown hedge can give a building an almost derelict appearance. We will remove the dead trigs and branches and trim them back to their former glory. A properly maintained hedge is the perfect highlight to your yard.

Of course there are the trees that dropped all those leaves last fall and the limbs that damaged your lawn over the winter. The broken stubs and dead limbs will have to go, not only for appearance, but to ensure the health of your tree. We can trim and prune all of that away. If it is too late for your tree or it is blocking your view we can remove it from your property right down to the roots.

Call Sullivan Landscaping to add Tree’s

Or maybe you want to go in the other direction and add a few trees. We can work with you to decide what trees will look best in your yard. With a minimum of fuss for you that shady back yard will soon be ready for summer.


When living in the harsh environment of the Canadian tundra, winter offers a great number of obstacles to overcome. One of the most intrusive and destructive elements is the bitter cold of winter. Knowing which plants to have on a property is an issue for the residents of many areas including those in the West Rouge, East York, West Hill, and Scarborough. To solve these landscaping issues it is necessary to call on the professional team at Sullivan Landscaping for all of the answers.

When it comes to landscaping it is important to choose the correct plants that will survive and thrive in areas like east york. The professionals at Sullivan Landscaping know just what types of plants will do well and survive the harsh winters of Clairlea and Guildwood. This is particularly important in the spring when the new plants are emerging from the ground and old plants need to be replaced. Having the right plants for the areas of West Rouge and scarboroough will ensure that the plants will return to the landscape year after year. This reduces the amount of work and cost of replacements for the homeowner.

The employees at Sullivan are extensively trained and extremely knowledgeable of all flora and fauna of the area and beyond West Hill and Beaches. Knowing the types of plants and flowers that will work the best together and last the weather conditions will increase the value of the property and home with minimal work and effort. Contacting one of these professionals today will get the ball rolling on the landscaping solutions to any property or residence.

At Sullivan they offer their clients the additional services as a spring and fall clean up crew. Cleaning the dead and decaying debris from the gardens and planting areas of a property is another needed aspect of maintenance. The team of experts will be dispersed to the property and they will work with the owner to create a comprehensive plan of the proper plants and flowers to be implemented in the planting plans.

The services of Sullivan include services for the all of the months of the year including services that are specific to the season. These services include such things as snow and ice removal in the winter and grass cutting and tree trimming in the spring, summer, and fall. These services also involve such things as power washing buildings, fences, patios, and driveways. Whatever the property needs to maintain the beauty and integrity that it deserves.

Sullivan is Scarborough’s Landscaping Choice

When it comes to outdoor design needs in the Scarborough, West Rouge, West Hill, East York, Beaches, Guildwood, Clairlea, or Cliffside areas, the service to call is Sullivan. Planting the correct items for the harsh environment that they will have to survive in will result in a luscious and beautiful yard design that can be admired for years to come. Utilizing all of their expertise and knowledge to deliver their clients the best in service and quality is the number one focus of Sullivan Landscaping.


Landscaping can offer many benefits whether you are looking to improve your home or a business property you own. When you are trying to get the most out of your landscaping opportunities, it is advisable you take advantage of the resources of a Toronto landscape design professional. When trying to identify the best Scarborough landscape design professional to meet your specific needs, make sure you consider things such as experience, reputation, reliability, design skills, and cost.


  1. Experience

    The first thing to consider when trying identifying the best Scarborough landscape design professional is the experience they have. Experience is important since these individuals have perfected their skills and already made many of his mistakes first-time landscapers make. Through the benefits of experience you will be able to identify the best Toronto landscape design pro to design your property and meet all your needs.

  2. Reputation

    Another important thing to consider when identifying the best Toronto landscape design professional to work on your property is reputation. There are many different ways you can check the reputation of a Scarborough landscape design professional. Speaking with previous clients can help you to gain a greater understanding of their results and elements such as reliability, design skill, and cost. Viewing their accomplished jobs can help to determine if the style choices of your Toronto landscape design professional relates to your own.

  3. Reliability

    When it comes to establishing a timeline with your Scarborough landscape design professional, it is important to determine whether you can rely on this individual to meet this timeline. There will be pauses in your design as your landscapers discover different elements that were unaccountable when digging into your yard or property. Speaking to previous clients will help you to identify if timelines were kept and the nature of any delays.

  4. Design Skills

    The main reason that home property owners invest in a Toronto landscape design professionals is to identify the best design to enhance the property. You want to have an ideal environment that you are comfortable in, that increases the attraction of your property, and is easy to maintain. When working with a Scarborough landscape design professional with quality skills, you will be able to accomplish this goal and obtain the best results from your investment.

  5. Cost

    The final and most important element for many individuals is found with cost. Property owners choose to invest in Toronto landscape design professionals to gain high quality results from their landscaping needs. While these professionals will offer you many advantages, it is important to find an individual or team that offers you the best cost for the work you are requesting. Paying astronomical amounts of money to accomplish landscaping will ultimately waste your money when you could have found a high-quality professional who offers reasonable rates.

When you are trying to find the best Scarborough landscape design professional, make sure you take these five things into consideration and start your search by utilizing the resources of Sullivan Lawn and Snow Services.

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